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At CADOR we have been building offices for thirty-five years. During that time, we have worked for more than 2,000 clients, who have placed their trust in our knowledge of the industry and our ability to meet their needs, resulting in high client satisfaction levels.

Over all these years in the market, CADOR has developed its own methodology, which approaches the work space as one of the most important tools that companies possess to improve their work organisation and thereby enhance the productivity of their professionals and the overall efficiency of the processes carried out in each space.

We view space as just another business investment. Consequently, our challenge is to provide tangible proof of return on investment, not only through the obvious means of cost reduction, but also through a positive impact on the operations of each individual company.





1989 First company to implement multi-product implementation

1992 Pioneers in the implementation of the Design and Build model in Spain

1997 First company to apply FM technology in Spain

2002 First FM consultancy company in Spain

2004 First company to develop an FM Model

2008 International presence: Romania

2009 International presence: Mexico

2013 International presence: Abu Dhabi