Adecco Group Foundation

Small works

Client: ADECCO FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization founded in 1999, born as a result of the commitment and social responsibility assumed by THE ADECCO GROUP in Spain. They make enormous efforts to standardize the integration of people at risk of exclusion into the labor market

Area: 900 sqm

Province: Madrid

Construction of their headquarters.

CADOR has taken on different projects, works, and office refurbishments for THE ADECCO GROUP across Spain. In this case, the client decided to create a space closely connected to the people and which provided a pleasant work environment clearly designed for the foundation’s purposes.

The result is a simple, bright workspace where white elements stand out from the wooden floor finishes. The walls tell stories about personalities such as Gandhi, John Nash, or Stephen Hawking and make it a human and personal office that stands for the mission and values of the ADECCO FOUNDATION.


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