We help with
Real estate and asset management

We help our clients find and assess the property that will best meet their needs.

With the combination of property analysis and our technical expertise, our clients rest assured that they are really making the best decision.

Work process

01. Advisory services
Our expertise in the real estate market allows us to help our clients decide the best location for their offices, their size, their facilities, and their expectations in terms of rent or purchase price.
02. Property selection
We conduct a proactive search selecting only those properties that meet the search criteria within the supply available on the market.
03. Occupancy preliminary study
Once we select the properties, we run layout simulations, provide technical reports, and offer estimated quotes for the implementation costs.
04. Negotiations support
We work closely with our clients throughout the whole negotiation process, helping them achieve the most advantageous conditions in renting, selling, or purchasing transactions.

Looking for an office in Madrid?

This report with comprehensive 2020 data of the office real estate market may help you make a decision.

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