Aegon Seguros

Client: Aegon Seguros

Surface: 2,800sqm spread across two interconnected floors

Location: Madrid

Aegon City is the new headquarters that we have designed and built for Aegon Seguros. The challenge: to adapt its offices to its new work model based on hybrid and to achieve “the best place to work”.

A turnkey project that counts with hubs equipped with cutting-edge technology, cutting-edge spaces designed for agile team collaboration, biophilic elements in reception and staircase and a different experience until now.

These offices work as a city: Residential Areas (individual workstations), Market ( semi-open, mobile, flexible, and cutting-edge spaces designed for teamwork), Square ( a large social area with an original food truck café, a playroom, and a large Agora), Streets that divide and organize the space and Signs that point to the different city areas.

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