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Since Cador began in 1980, we have experienced a spectacular evolution in office design and implementation.

At that time, we worked with compartmentalization, closed offices where hierarchy was the working model, and individual workstations. Back then, the focus was not on people; the most important thing was to show up at your workstation, and the current values of freedom and flexibility were certainly not prioritized.

In recent years, the change resulting from increasing digitalization and the trend towards well-being, heightened by the COVID-19 situation, has radically transformed the office model.

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Different office spaces

The new work models, characterized by flexibility and putting the worker, just like the client, at the center of the company, require different spaces:

  • Open spaces that ease communication, where hierarchy as it was once understood loses strength, and leaders want to be in constant contact with their teams.
  • Unassigned workstations, so that employees can move around according to the team’s needs or their own comfort.
  • Concentration areas for performing uninterrupted tasks.
  • Walls, with vinyl, whiteboards, etc., become important as they serve to collect ideas and are ideal for companies that use agile methodologies.
  • Paperless spaces, as the commitment to sustainability is becoming stronger, and thanks to digitalization, we can gradually cut paper documentation, resulting in reduced clutter in offices.
  • Comfortable meeting areas where teams can work with innovative technologies, large screens, etc.
  • Recreational areas, where colleagues can share moments other than work, which always increases their sense of belonging to the company.

All of this makes offices pleasant, healthy, and even fun, both for junior and senior talent.

Human resources departments are essential in the office transformation process, as they know exactly what employees demand and consider that we are currently presented with an opportunity to provide them with extra motivation beyond their compensation package or social benefits.

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We are social beings, and although technology has made our lives much easier in general, we still need personal interactions. We want offices that promote physical and mental well-being. The hybrid model is perfect for balancing our personal and work life, and if a person feels good and comfortable in a supportive environment, productivity is sure to increase.

I like going to the office, and what about you?

Amparo Álvarez, Cador HR Director

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