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Workplace fit-out

We give new life to existing spaces and adapt them to the current business needs, both in terms of functionality and image.

Excellent results are often achievable without having to make big investments by reusing, recycling, and upcycling elements in the existing workspace.

Work process of Workplace fit-out

01. Objectives
Making the most of the space, reducing costs, updating the image… These are some of our clients’ objectives that we strive to achieve when refurbishing their office.
02. Property analysis
We carefully analyze the current office to identify which key elements need to be changed and which can be reused.
03. Project
We craft the design and the plans for the new architectural layout and installations and select the materials that will enable us to achieve our objectives while adhering to the available budget.
04. Works execution and relocation
We appoint a project manager for each project, who will be responsible for all the work units and items. This type of project, which is usually carried out while the facility is running, requires precise coordination of all projects, workstation moves, installation cut-offs, etc. during non-business hours and weekends to minimize disruption.

Success stories

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