We create unique spaces that convey the essence and core values of our clients.

Employees and visitors should both feel that they are not in an ordinary office, but in a distinctive space that embodies the company’s brand and values.


01. Briefing
The design must serve its purpose. We actively listen to our clients to clearly establish their goals and decide the steps needed to achieve them.
02. Concept
In this phase, we brainstorm ideas that will inspire what will later become the guiding principle for the workspace design. This central idea will tie all the elements and spaces together, making it a coherent workspace.
03. Detail design
Each space is designed individually: workstation areas, senior management offices, reception, office… We provide sketches, plans, and infographics that will help visualize each element in detail.
04. Budget and timeline
A design is only useful if it can be carried out. With this in mind, we provide ongoing assessments throughout the whole process so that our clients can make decisions and adapt based on how the budget and implementation planning unfold.
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