We do
coworking spaces

We design, fit-out and equip shared workplaces, designed to foster collaboration and creativity.

We provide these spaces with a unique image and personality capable of creating an emotional bond between the space and its occupants, applying flexible solutions that allow a high capacity of adaptation to the requirements of the users.


01. Briefing
The design must obey a purpose. We actively listen to the client to establish it clearly and determine the steps to be taken to achieve the objective.
02. Concept
In this phase, we work with different ideas that will inspire what will later be the main thread of the design of the coworking space. The main idea will give coherence to the different elements and spaces that compose it.
03. Detail design
We develop each space individually: the workstation areas, the collaborative spaces, the reception, the office... We create sketchings, plans and infographics that allow us to visualize each of them in detail and anticipate the user experience of the coworking space.
04. Budget and deadlines
The design is not useful if it cannot be put into practice. Therefore, as we move forward in the process, we make assessments that allow the client to make decisions based on how the budget and the implementation schedule evolves.
05. Execution of the work
We designate a Construction Manager for each project who is responsible for the execution of all the items and units of civil works and installations by the different trades within the agreed budget and the established deadline.
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