Optimizing Capex investment

como optimizar la inversion del capex portada

In a year of uncertainty and inflation, with interest rates on the rise, it is necessary to maximize the capex invested in assets undergoing transformation.

This implies an increase in the property’s value, especially when focusing on innovation, technology, and sustainability – three parameters that must be present in the investment to improve the upside value of the asset, that is, to enhance its value.

When we invest to add value to an asset, our goal is to improve the yield or profitability of the property in percentage points.

Value Engineering:

Construction companies like Cador are tasked with maximizing capex, executing each item in record time because “one day less of work is one more day of profitability,” which helps increase the yield percentage and attracts tenants in a shorter time and at better rental rates.

como optimizar la inversion del capex portada 02

Value Engineering involves seeking sustainable products that not only improve the building’s energy rating but also optimize the investment in the project (capex). We apply Value Engineering, meaning we are experts in taking your items and enhancing them not only in value but also in technical specifications.

Large property owners study the repositioning of their real estate assets and investments. To achieve this while interest rates are rising, they turn to Value Engineering.

How can we improve an item when its specifications are provided by the project, designer, or decorator? The answer lies in communication, coordination, and sharing information about the possibilities available in the market, which are presented to us and shown to us daily by construction companies.

The Key to Success

Cador’s celebration of 43 years in 2023 implies significant expertise in the construction market that others are still acquiring, especially in the knowledge of materials that can reduce costs while keeping technical specifications.

Another aspect that allows us to maximize investment and reduce response times is our extensive list of manufacturers who have been trusting and collaborating closely with Cador throughout all these years.

Having a team dedicated to design and architecture, keeping up with material innovations, and having the ability to create innovative and modern designs for different properties also helps in implementing this Value Engineering approach, supporting the work of project managers, designers, and decorators.

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Additionally, Cador has a department dedicated to innovation and sustainability, focused on finding technological and sustainable improvements. For example, some products available in the market include thermodynamic cameras that measure the behavior of customers, whether they are employees or external personnel, easing analysis and optimizing space usage. There are also motion sensors that help optimize supplies, leading to greater energy efficiency.

Efficiency can also be achieved through many other solutions, such as applications synchronized with the building’s BMS, anti-dust mite carpets or floors, oxygenating paints, and colors that activate or reduce light according to the needs and uses of each space.

In conclusion, maximizing investment and improving the yield of asset investments can be achieved through Value Engineering, using technology and sustainability as tools for innovation. Efficiency, as the guiding concept of the project, is important both in design (space definition and study) and in the execution of the work, along with an improvement in the materials used, enabling us to achieve more with less.

Begoña García, Cador General Director

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