Industrialization 5.0 in space construction: present and future

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The changes in the ways of working that have taken place in recent years, and more specifically those that have occurred due to the Covid-19 pandemic, have led to changes in the workspaces where we carry out our professional work. The current trend is to create spaces where relationships between workers are encouraged, and where experiences and knowledge can be shared, i.e., the trend is to create cooperative environments.

All this is within relaxed and safe environments, where the worker can interact with his teammates and share knowledge, performing the work more individually at home. The objective of these work environments is to maximize the capabilities of workers and their productivity, without neglecting the fact that they must be economically feasible from the company’s point of view.

The use of industrialized construction may be the key to achieving the objectives described above. Manufacturing the main elements that make up a workspace in production centers provides optimal control of the final product:

Use the latest technologies in manufacturing processes

  • Apply stringent quality controls
  • Achieving environmentally sustainable products.
  • Optimize the use of materials, avoiding “waste”.

On the other hand, this exhaustive control allows for easy and efficient assembly, allowing for more reliable planning of the execution of work and shorter lead times.

With all this, industrialized construction makes it possible to create work environments adapted to the needs of the companies and which are also very interesting from the economic point of view, being very competitive in the final prices.

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At Cador we are pioneers in the use of industrialization in our products. In our 42 years of life as a construction company specializing in workspaces, we have been a decisive and innovative company.

Cador started its activity manufacturing, so it understands very well the production process and the traceability of materials, with a specialized staff on site, which gives us a flexible and competitive structure with great knowledge of the market, its evolution, and innovation.

Undoubtedly, industrialized construction, as an innovative lever, and sustainability are tools that allow for reduction and saving in the construction of spaces. Both trends, together with the new incorporations in the market, will be the future of the construction life cycle.






Ignacio De la Calle, Cador Director of Operations

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