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Office design + Design and build projects

Client: PIBANK. New Spanish bank with a strong presence on the market of online financial products. It belongs to GRUPO PICHINCHA, a multinational banking group from Ecuador with 112 years of history.

Area: 3,000 sqm (different front offices).

Province: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza and Bilbao.

Design and build PIBANK’s new offices all over Spain. at a national level. We worked hand-in-hand with the banking institution to conceive their front office network from the very beginning. CADOR contributed to the conceptual design of the premises and carried out –under a sole responsibility contract– the execution projects, the entire construction, and the furnishing of the 5 offices, all of them located in prime spots of each city.

These are different, businesslike spaces, very different from the traditional concept of a banking office. The premises are fully open to the outside world, where the facade plays a prominent role and where there are no desks or proper customer service stands. Instead, the spaces are shared with the client fitting PIBANK’s own customer service model.

The project Pibank

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